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Fatal shark attack closes beaches Down Under

Hundreds of tourists at a New Zealand beach watched in horror as a 14-foot Great White shark fatally attacked a swimmer, turning the water crimson and sparking a feeding frenzy that brought as many as four other sharks before police firing shots from a lifeboat and a helicopter chased them off and recovered the dead man's body.

The victim, identified as Adam Strange, a 46-year-old father of one, had been swimming more than 600 feet from shore, according to witnesses who were at Muriwai Beach near Auckland. The attack was one of only about a dozen in New Zealand in the past 180 years.

"All of a sudden there was blood everywhere," Pio Mose, who was fishing at the beach, told the New Zealand Herald. "... I was shaking, scared, panicked."

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A follow-up report indicated the victim may have swam right into the middle of a feeding frenzy of fish, birds — and up to three hungry sharks.

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