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Fiery drama played out at sea

The 253-foot ship Pacific Glacier, which fished for Alaska Pollock and Pacific cod off Alaska, caught fire at about 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the Bering Sea about 136 miles northeast of Dutch Harbor, according to a report in Anchorage Daily News.

While no injuries have been reported, most of the 106-member crew were evacuated into 19 nearby fishing vessels while 16 remained on the ship to fight the fire. Conditions were calm with winds blowing 15 to 20 knots.

The Coast Guard was radioed after the crew noticed the fire and dispatched an HH-65 Dolphin helicopter when the evacuation was occurring, according to the report. The Pacific Glacier was carrying about 150,000 gallons of diesel.

When the Coast Guard arrived on the scene shortly before 10 p.m. the ship was still aflame, but afloat. The Coast Guard crew monitored the fire while acting as a liaison between crew and rescue officials, while the surrounding boats pitched in to help with the fire, which reportedly began in the laundry room.

Other fishing boats were in position to assist with further evacuations and as of late Tuesday another Coast Guard HH-60 copter and a C-130 plane were on its way from Alaska, according to the report.

- Elizabeth Ellis