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Final departure of world’s oldest clipper ship

The final voyage of the world's oldest clipper ship commenced on Tuesday from Scotland — ultimately bound for South Australia.

The City of Adelaide, the only surviving purpose-built sailing ship to bring migrants from Europe to Australia, departed from Irvine, Scotland, on the high tide.

The clipper’s journey will, firstly, head to her original homeport of London for a celebration and formal farewell in October at historic Greenwich on the River Thames.

The City of Adelaide, atop a large barge, will moor for several days near her younger ‘sister’– the world famous Cutty Sark, a Greenwich landmark for six decades — before continuing her journey via a quarantine and “preparation stop” in Europe.

The City of Adelaide is scheduled to eventually arrive in Port Adelaide between February and April 2014. The voyage will end a 14-year campaign by engineers, maritime historians, ship enthusiasts, descendants of the ship’s migrants and supporters.

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