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Financial advice from the high seas

Investment guru Keith DeGreen is broadcasting his radio show from a Nordhavn 55 while circumnavigating

Investment guru Keith DeGreen is broadcasting his radio show from a Nordhavn 55 while circumnavigating

Investment planner and radio personality Keith DeGreen has taken his financial advice radio show on the road — or in this case, on the water.

This spring DeGreen fitted the pilothouse of his Nordhavn 55 with microphones, amplifiers, mixers and video cameras, converting the trawler into a floating broadcast studio. He departed San Diego April 1 on a circumnavigation and continues to broadcast his show while under way.

“I’m intensely interested in what is happening economically around the world,” says DeGreen, who is 57. His show, “The Keith DeGreen Personal Financial Show,” is broadcast every Sunday on his hometown station Newstalk 550 KFYI in Phoenix. He hopes his circumnavigation, dubbed The Global Adventure, will teach his listeners about the global economy and help motivate baby boomers like him to “face the next financial chapter” of their lives.

From San Diego, DeGreen’s first stop will be Honolulu. DeGreen also plans to visit the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and China. During each stop he will interview local businesspeople and political leaders.

“Local economies are exploding with opportunity,” DeGreen says. “But there are many problems out there, due largely to poor governance in many parts of the world. I look forward to sharing what I learn with as large an audience as possible, through the show and on my Web site "

When Nordhavn got word of DeGreen’s circumnavigation, company executives agreed that his adventure would be beneficial for Nordhavn owners as well as other cruisers. “[DeGreen’s listeners] can learn from the specific events of how the boat performs, and they can learn from how Keith reacts to the challenges which will present themselves along the way,” Nordhavn president Dan Streech says in an e-mail to Soundings.

DeGreen began his career three decades ago as an attorney and certified financial planner. He has hosted the radio show for 19 years, and for 10 years he owned DeGreen Wealth Management — a portfolio management, estate and financial planning firm that he sold last November.

DeGreen took delivery of his Nordhavn 55, also called The Global Adventure, last August and has since been preparing the boat for the voyage. “We have 12 on-board video cameras and redundant everything: watermaker, generator, fuel bladders, GPS, autopilot and other navigation systems,” he says. “We subscribe to a weather routing service and have an assortment of EPIRBs, SSB and an Iridium phone. We also have a 12-person life raft and a 14-foot center console powered by a 40-hp outboard.”

The trawler is powered by a 340-hp six-cylinder Lugger, with a 70-hp Lugger wing engine. She carries about 2,300 gallons of fuel in four tanks and a reserve of 300 gallons in fuel bladders. “This is backup for the leg to Hawaii,” DeGreen says. “The Nordhavn 55 has a theoretical range of 4,000 miles, so these will probably not be necessary, but we are taking them in an abundance of caution.” The yacht burns about 8 gallons per hour at 1,200 rpm, DeGreen says. He plans to average between 7.5 and 8.5 knots.

Accompanying DeGreen aboard The Global Adventure is a professional captain, a first mate (who also is a licensed captain), and a deck hand. “I know just enough about boating to get into serious trouble,” DeGreen jokes. “That’s why we have two licensed captains on board.”

He says the adventure is “open-ended” and that he’ll continue broadcasting from the boat until he sees fit to return home. “We hope to spend eight or nine months touring the Black Sea and the Med before heading over to the Caribbean, Central and South America,” he says. “There are many places we’ll miss our first time around, so I fully expect that we’ll continue indefinitely.”