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Fire destroys restored 107-foot yacht

Barely seven months after a complete restoration, the 107-foot yacht Dorothea burned and sank in the Pacific shortly before being delivered to her owners, former U.S. Ambassador to Singapore Steven Green and his wife, Dorothea, according to The Seattle Times.

Two and a half weeks ago, Captain John Crupi was taking Dorothea down to the Galapagos Islands to meet Green, and was about three days away when the yacht caught fire. The crew had barely 20 minutes to jump into the water, scramble into a life raft and set off an emergency signal before Dorothea was completely engulfed, according to the news report. She sank soon after.

The survivors floated for three hours in the open water before an aircraft from U.S. Customs and Border Protection out of Texas spotted them and contacted a nearby Panamanian tuna boat. The boat picked them up and delivered them to a U.S. Navy vessel that had arrived on the scene.

“We’re all devastated,” said John Crupi in the report. “The boat’s been in the family for 16 years. It’s like losing a family member.”

Dorothea was originally built in 1967 by famed boatbuilder Vic Franck and designed by Seattle naval architect William Garden, according to the report.

Crupi, who had lived on Dorothea, is now living in a hotel in Miami.

“I lost my house and my job in one day,” said Crupi in the report. “It’s a pretty big deal.”

The cause of the engine fire has not been determined.

— Elizabeth Ellis