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Fisherman helps rescue men on capsized boat

When a 22-foot boat capsized 15 miles off Westport, Wash., tossing four anglers into the 47-degree Pacific Ocean, luck was on their side.

“I know it happened fast but I did a double take,” veteran angler Fred Olness told KIRO 7 News of the Aug. 6 incident. “I couldn't believe it.”

The day was like any other fishing day until Olness and his crew spotted the boat. They headed over to ask if the salmon were biting but the boat seemed low in the water.

“Very unusual,” he said. “And then, of course, we saw it was upside down. And four guys were hanging onto it.”

A teenager was on top; three older men stood on the top edge of the boat's side.

“The first question was, Are you alright? And do you have everybody?” “All four were accounted for,” he said.

Click here for the full report with video footage of the men struggling to cling to the boat.