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Fishin’ on the edge

Two friends out for a day of fishing found themselves in a dangerous situation when their boat drifted too close to the Lake Houston Dam in Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The young 20-something men John Dromgoole and Adrian Wright said they were too busy focusing on the fish to notice their flat-bottomed, aluminum fishing boat moving closer to the two-foot wide top, which is at the same level as the water’s surface.

The drop from the top of the dam is 60 feet.

“We were just looking for a place to fish and not looking ahead when we came up on it,” Wright told the Chronicle.

They turned the craft and managed to drift sideways onto the concrete edge. Some good Samaritans on a personal watercraft tried to assist, but ended up causing the boat to slide further onto the dam top, according to the report. The anglers called 911 and the police arrived a short while later, pulling the boat to safety.

The police said there have been people who have gone over the dam in the past, but no deaths have been reported. The skipper was issued a citation for operating the boat in a restricted area.

— Elizabeth Ellis