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Fishing for jewelry

For one Australian couple, a flathead fish was the best catch of the day.

Kristy Brittain, 25, was kneeboarding behind a powerboat driven by her boyfriend, Darren Triffett, of Hobart, on the Australian island state of Tasmania, Dec. 28, according to an article in The Log, California’s Boating and Fishing Newspaper. When a patch of choppy water knocked her off her board, the tiny sparkling stud of her brand new nose ring was lost somewhere in the fathoms, much to her disappointment.

As the sparkling piece of jewelry fell though the sea, it apparently caught the eye of a hungry flathead fish, who gobbled it up. A few days later, on Dec. 31, Triffett took his powerboat out and went fishing with his friend in the same area, according to the article. After catching a few fish, they took them home to clean and fillet them. As one of the flatheads they caught was slit open, Brittain saw something like a nail or a tack inside of it.

“I was standing near them and realized it was the nose stud I had lost in the ocean,” said Brittain in The Mercury, a local paper out of Tasmania.

While others may find something fishy about her tale, Brittain says she doesn’t care — she’s reportedly keeping the stud in a special sachet and plans to buy a lottery ticket.

— Elizabeth Ellis