Five Boats Sink in Trump Boat Parade

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Five boats sank at a Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis in Texas on Saturday. There are no reported injuries.

Firefighters reportedly pulled numerous people out of the water, although the exact number is unclear. The total number of participating boats is also not immediately clear, but there were reports of an exceptional number of boats from 8 to 60 feet congregating on the water, where they all started moving at the same time with the goal of travelling around the lake at 10 mph.

Winds were gusting between 10 and 15 mph, and the lake was fairly calm with a little chop. When the boats all started moving together, they generated large waves, which caused the boats to sink. They did not sink as the result of collisions. Three boats have since been towed out, and the other two still remain at the bottom of the lake.

There have been many other boat parades for President Trump this summer. One event in Oregon caused a nearby boat, which was not involved in the parade, to sink after being swamped with waves. More events are expected to take place this fall. You can read more about the event in this article from the Austin American-Statesman