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Five in a life raft

Station Shark River, N.J.

A good Samaritan rescued five people from a life raft after the boater’s 42-foot boat sank 80 nautical miles east of Barnegat Light, N.J. The Coast Guard received a radio transmission between the crew of the good Samaritan and five people who were aboard the 42-footer before it sank. The pleasure boat was taking on water when the bilge pump stopped working. The crew boarded their life raft and were picked up approximately 30 minutes later by the crew of the good Samaritan. The survivors were unable to board the life raft with their manual EPIRB since they couldn’t get to it in time, but were able to grab a handheld radio. All five survivors were wearing life jackets. The rescued boaters were fishing on the western edge of the Hudson Canyon. (Aug. 13)

Compiled by Steven Marks