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Five years, $15 million later: iPad-controlled superyacht

The Adastra is a new superyacht that is 140 feet, weighs 52 tons, and can travel 4,000 nautical miles at 17 knots (enough to get from the U.S. to Europe).

Designed by John Shuttleworth and constructed in China by McConaghy Boats, the Adastra can be controlled entirely with just an iPad.

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In another luxury yacht story, iconic European boat designer Philippe Starck confirmed he is working on a design project for the late Steve Jobs’ family, but it’s a personal project that involves Jobs’ private yacht and not a next-gen product for Apple.

“It’s not a project with Apple. It’s a private project that began with Steve Jobs and that has been taken over by his wife,” said a spokesperson for Starck, confirming that the project is for a yacht that Jobs had been working on. This yacht will reportedly have an Apple-store-like aesthetic that’s sleek and minimalist along with 40-foot long glass walls.

Rumors about a Starck designed Apple product ignited last week after the designer was interviewed by a French radio station. Starck revealed that he has been visiting Jobs once a month over the past seven years and continues to visit Jobs’ widow to work on a “revolutionary” project that will come out in eight months.

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