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Florida Keys ‘Wreck Trek’ prize winners announced

Several thousand divers visit the Florida Keys annually to dive the island chain’s shipwreck trail. More than 100 of them completed a series of nine wreck dives to be eligible to win one of several dive and lodging packages and sets of dive equipment, and 10 winners were selected at random as part of the inaugural Florida Keys Wreck Trek Passport Program that ended in January.

Rocky Welch, a diving instructor from Pinellas Park, Fla., was the program’s first grand-prize winner. He received a state-of-the-art scuba system from Aqua Lung, including a Zuma buoyancy compensator device, Mikron regulator, Airsource 3 second stage with power inflator and a Suunto ZOOP 2 gauge dive computer.

“It’s the overall adventure of (the shipwreck trail) that divers love. There’s no other place you can do that,” he said. “On three different Wreck Trek trips, I never saw the same thing twice.
Because of the dive program's popularity, plans are under way for a Wreck Trek 2.0 dive challenge expected to continue through January 2014. Details are to be announced soon.

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