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Florida swimmers treated to manatee show

A group of swimmers at a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., beach had some unexpected company in the water on Sunday: five or six manatees, swimming among them in the shallow waters by the shore.

"It was not only a miracle, it was a gift," Gina Hossack told the Sun Sentinel. "It made us feel amazing that we were able to witnesses such a thing, who gets to see something like that?"

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Further up the coast, just in time for summer, great white sharks have been spotted in the water around Cape Cod.

Massachusetts beach, state fisheries officials say two great white sharks that were tagged last summer off the Cape Cod coast have been detected via transmitter signals. The state tagged seven sharks last year as part of an initiative to track the animals. Now, according to WBZ-TV, audio signals from the electronic trackers worn by two of the sharks were received by the State Division of Marine Fisheries.

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