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Food resupply successful for rowing adventurers

Mick Dawson and Chris Martin left Choshi, Japan in their 23-foot ocean rowing boat more than six months ago to row across the North Pacific Ocean. They have seen some extraordinary things during their time at sea, but nothing could prepare them for what happened last Sunday when a helicopter came into view over the horizon, then hovered over the tiny boat before lowering four packages by winch onto the deck containing supplies for crew.

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After rationing food since August, and surviving for the previous few days on barely more than hot drinks and stale biscuits, this resupply couldn't have been a more welcome sight for the crew on board.

"Our aim was to prove that rowing from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco was a navigational route. Supported or unsupported makes no difference; we have achieved what we set out to achieve and that is something that we are amazingly proud of. Every decision that we have made since leaving Japan has been based on the safety of the boat and crew, this was no exception," said Capt. Mick Dawson.

To follow the duo, visit their Web site.