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Former NFL player talks about daring swim to shore

According to Palm Beach police, at 4:47 a.m. Thursday former NFL fullback Rob Konrad showed up at 1800 S. Ocean Blvd., barefoot, wearing only his jockey underwear, and knocked on the gate of an ocean-side mansion.

A Palm Beach police officer working security detail called for medics.

Konrad told police he had been fishing on his 36-foot Grady White, after leaving the Hillsborough Inlet about 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Konrad said while reeling in a fish, he fell overboard around 3 p.m. His boat was on autopilot set for the Bahamas going about 5 mph and drifted out of his reach.

According to a source, Konrad told police he saw the Coast Guard helicopter’s search light, but they did not see him in the choppy, 70-degree water.

The Coast Guard said they called off the search when Palm Beach police notified them that Konrad was safe.

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“After some time I just said, ‘Look, I’m not dying tonight, I’m going to make it to shore,’” Konrad said at a press conference. “It certainly tests your mind when you’re in the water that long.”