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Free ‘booklet charts’ to commemorate the War of 1812

As the nation starts its maritime celebrations to commemorate the War of 1812, NOAA is releasing special navigation products that will help recreational boaters enjoy the festivities safely.

Beginning this month, the public will have free online access to special Booklet Charts that include nautical charts, OPSail tall ship parade routes, and historical background for activities planned in five ports holding official bicentennial events.

NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey is working closely with the U.S. Navy and port officials to make the commemorative events come alive with historical information for War of 1812 activities in New Orleans (April 17-23), New York (May 23-30), Norfolk (June 2-12), Baltimore (June 13-19) and Boston (June 29-July 6).
Coast Survey has also produced commemorative chart posters for the five ports. The PDF posters, available free from the web, depict naval stories from the War of 1812, illustrated with historical charts and artwork.

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