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French kiteboarder tops 50 knots

French kiteboarder Sebastien Cattlelan had only a day in the spotlight after he sailed 50.26 knots on Oct. 3 at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge held in Namibia,Africa. Fellow competitor Alexandre Caizergues quickly usurped him by sailing a blistering 50.57 knots on Oct. 4, making him the fastest sailor in the world, according to a report in

Caizergues is the three-time winner of the French Kitespeed World Cup event in Port-Saint-Louis,France, and French Kitespeed Champion. He has been participating in the Lüderitz Speed Challenge since the start of the even on Sept. 15.

This competition, which had its premiere in 2007, has seen 10 new outright records and four new outright women’s records. On Saturday, top speed records included David Williams at 44.78 knots for England, Rolf Van der Vlugt at 45.99 knots for Netherlands, Charlotte Consorti at 43.53 knots in the women’s division for France, Jernej Privsek at 41.97 knots for Slovenia, Christian Baret at 40.87 knots for Belgium, Katja Roose at 37.18 knots in the women’s division for Netherlands, and Jemma Grobelaar at 35.61 knots in the women’s division for England.

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- Elizabeth Ellis