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From Navy ship to backyard ‘luxury’ yacht

From the outside, British skipper Phil Wallis’ tugboat looks just like any other vessel in the harbor, but inside it has been transformed into a luxury floating home.

Wallis, 58, sold his five-bedroom North London home to live on a former U.S. Navy boat on the river Medway in Kent, England.

But he doesn’t long for creature comforts as his liveaboard vesel comes complete with sunken bath tub, panoramic wheel house, a spiral staircase, kitchen, master bedroom, lounge and even a conservatory.

“Whenever friends come down they are always astounded by the size of it,” Wallis told Britain’s Daily Mail. 'When I told family members I was going to live on a boat, they naturally thought I meant narrow boat, so they were pretty impressed when they came down and realized it was a huge U.S. Army tugboat.”

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