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From the weird file: Into the drink

Prudent boaters know well the hazards of mixing alcohol, boats and cold water. Another example could be found in tiny Ualaska, Alaska, where we picked up the following item from the Anchorage Daily News:

Sgt. Jennifer Shockley of the Unalaska, Alaska police department entertains us again with this blotter entry from early Sunday [Oct. 4]:

"1:12 a.m., assault: Officers responded to the galley of a fishing vessel regarding a brawl in which one intoxicated man had somehow fallen overboard. Officers determined that the intoxicated man had begun arguing with other, less inebriated crew shortly after boarding his vessel and had mysteriously fallen overboard soon after punching another man in the mouth. The drunk was able to swim to shore. No charges were filed per the victim's request. 1:14 a.m., ambulance request: EMS personnel provided medical care to a drunken man who had just spent some time in the frigid green waters of the Bering Sea. 1:16 a.m., theft: The taxi driver who drove the inebriated man back to his vessel reported that the man had failed to pay his cab fare. Another crewmember, apparently uninvolved in the earlier altercation, agreed to pay the drunk's cab fare so that he wouldn't have to go to jail. 1:36 a.m., protective custody, alcohol: The inebriate who had fallen into the water was taken into protective custody after he was released from the clinic, due to the danger he clearly posed to himself."