Frozen fishing boat rescued from Davy Jones’ locker


One of Rockport, Maine’s resident fishing vessels, LaBoat III, took a hard turn as winter continued its relentless grip on the Northeast.

The freezing over of harbors is rare, but Winter 2015 has been different: On Feb. 18, the ice was thick enough in Rockport Harbor to walk over it, which was helpful — at least in one way — because Danny Dodge needed to change the battery on LaBoat to keep the water pump working, and the vessel afloat.

On the other hand, the cold temperatures have been killing Dodge’s batteries. The cold has been locking the pump, causing it to run constantly, and wearing the battery charge down. Dodge had just last week replaced the battery. Now, it again needed a new one.

Click here for the full report, with photos of the operation, by the Penobscot Bay Pilot.