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Frozen in time

Several artifacts from the R.M.S. Titanic and other White Star Line memorabilia will go up for auction Saturday, April 19, at Henry Aldridge & Son in Devizes in Western England, according to the International Herald Tribune.

The collection comes from Lillian Asplund, the last American survivor of the wreck, who died at the age of 99 in 2006. She was only 5-years-old when she boarded the Titanic in April 1912 with her parents and three brothers. She would never see any of them but her mother again.

She only spoke once publicly about the wreck and kept her memorabilia in a plain shoe box, according to ABC News. Her one clear memory about the experience was looking at the faces of her father and brothers — one of which was her twin — looking out the window as she drifted away in a lifeboat with her mother.

One item of particular intrigue is a gold pocket watch of her father’s that stopped working the exact time the ship sank at 2:18 a.m. There is also a ticket receipt for the voyage, her parent’s wedding bands and keys to a box that now lies with the Titanic. The items are estimated to fetch between $160,000 and $240,000, according to ABC.

Bids can be made in person or online. Visit for details.

— Elizabeth Ellis