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Full throttle: 130 mph at 100 years

At 100 years, Gordie Miller decided against having a laid-back birthday celebration, opting to hit the gas – and the waves.

Miller, a resident of Point Richmond,Calif., has found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for becoming the fastest boater in his age group on April 3, according to a report in

Miller, who always had a love for fast cars and boats, reportedly hit 140 mph in his son’s Lexus while driving over to the Discovery Bay Yacht Club. Then, in true James Bond fashion, Miller got out of the Lexus and proceeded to steer a 36-foot Skater Cat catamaran – powered by twin 1,000-hp engines – 130 mph across the San Joaquin Delta, according to the report.

Miller later stated steering the catamaran was a new experience for him having had the most experience with racing sailboats. A Navy veteran of World War II and a member of the local Richmond Yacht Club since 1934, Miller has spent the better part of his life sailing along the shores of California.

When asked if there would be an encore to the day’s festivities, Miller reportedly stated, “There’s no way I can top this.”

- Elizabeth Ellis