Fully Restored MAYFLOWER II Embarks on Homecoming Voyage

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Plimoth Plantation’s Mayflower II, a 64-year-old reproduction of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America, has been fully restored and is slated to depart Mystic, Connecticut, on July 20 to head for Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The ship will first land in New London, where she will be docked at the City Pier for two weeks. The captain, Whit Perry, and a crew of 27 will conduct sea trials and perform sail training before the vessel is ready to head to her final destination. The ship is expected to arrive in Plymouth around August 10, where she will be available for public visitation.

You can track Mayflower II’s voyage here and try to catch glimpse of her from several vantage points along the Mystic River. 



Mayflower II Restoration

The most important ship restoration project in America at this moment is attracting big crowds.

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The Voyage of the Mayflower II

In 1957, 33 men replicated the Pilgrim’s 1620 crossing to America by sailing a replica of the Mayflower from England to Massachusetts

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VIDEO: Of Mouse And Mayflower

The Mayflower II, a 1957 reproduction of the original ship that brought Pilgrims to the New World nearly 400 years ago, is undergoing a complete refit at the Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut. Among the upgrades she is receiving are all-new stays for her three masts. This video from the museum shows how a rigger fabricates a mouse — an elaborate work of marlinspike seamanship — for each stay.