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Futuristic “Air-Yacht” to Sail the Sky and Sea

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A sleek, futuristic sky yacht may soon become the transportation method of choice for a German businessman, who teamed up with Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini to design the 500-foot vessel. Propulsion on the yacht will be eight counter-rotating electric engines powered by batteries and solar panels, which will allow the vessel to sail through the sky or the sea at 60 knots for more than two days straight.

The sky yacht will be built from carbon fiber and will consist of three main parts: a central compartment with a living and dining area, and two helium blimps that contain 10 suites. The three sections will be connected with four carbon bridges on each side. The blimps contain 14,125,867 square feet of helium to help the vessel float in the air, and two balloon-like compartments on either side of the yacht allow it to float on water.

According to Lazzarini, the first model prototype of this estimated $627,511,500 yacht will be in the air later this year. A collection of slightly different designs of various lengths are in the early phases of prototyping as well. Who knows—this just may be the transportation method of the future. 


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Oldest Shipyard in the US to Build Vita’s Electric Flagship

Vita has announced that its 34-foot LION will be built at Hodgdon Yachts in Maine.

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Two New Offerings from North Pacific Yachts

New versions of two of the builder’s popular trawlers will soon hit the water.

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The Power of Women Who Sail

After becoming accomplished in a male-dominated sport, Gail Hine took it upon herself to get more women involved.

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A Historic Yacht is Back on the Market

Believed to be the oldest surviving Feadship, Anahita V is ready for a new owner.


Underwater Observation Room Pushes Yacht Design Envelope

The Hydrosphere will allow yacht passengers to descend into the sea without ever leaving the boat.


Historic Yacht Sinks in the San Juans

The Norwester, John Wayne’s first yacht, is in dire need of help.

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Duck Boat Safety Act Passes Through Commerce Committee

Senators passed bipartisan legislation requiring new safety measures on duck boats through the Commerce Committee, and it is now ready to be considered by the entire Senate.

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Heroic Rescue in White Marlin Open Tournament

After their boat started sinking 60 miles offshore, a crew is rescued by another competing boat.