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German wind farm to be used as lobster habitat

In a twist, two issues relevant to marine-minded Americans, German scientists are betting that offshore wind farms can help replenish the North Sea's fledgling lobster population.

Scientists from the Alfred-Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven will release 3,000 lobsters next year around the stone field section of the foundations of EWE AG's 108-megawatt Riffgat project. The gaps between the rocks make for ideal lobster habitat, said Heinz-Dieter Franke, a biologist at the institute.

"The stone fields at the many offshore wind farms built in the German Bight offer a new chance to strengthen the lobster population," Franke told Bloomberg News. The $918,000 project is being financed by the state of Lower Saxony, he said.

Click here for the full report and click here for the Alfred-Wegener Institute press release on the $918,000 project.