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Ghostly sailors come to life in underwater art gallery

One of the U.S. Navy ships involved in the D-Day invasion of World War II, the USS Mohawk, was sunk off the coast of Florida last year to be used as an artificial reef.

Now the wreck has been turned into an underwater gallery, featuring photographs of retro sailors and glamorous girls in a ghostly fantasy world.

The 12 surreal artworks, including everything from buff sailors lugging wrenches to seafaring sweethearts kissing, take place against the eerie backdrop of the sunken ship USS.

The pictures will remain attached to the ship until September, when they are expected to be exhibited in galleries on land.

More than 2,000 divers are expected to take the plunge to the eerie underwater photography show.

Click here for a slideshow by CNN of the fantastical world of Austrian artist Andreas Franke, the brains behind a unique underwater gallery.