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Golf Balls Litter California Marine Sanctuary


The list of plastic products that continue to enter the ocean is long. As it turns out, golf balls, covered in plastic and containing 275 yards of rubber string each, must join the list.

When California free diver Alex Weber found the ocean floor next to the famous Pebble Beach Golf Links littered with golf balls, the teenager was shocked. First, she removed thousands of balls, eventually amassing 50,000 of them in her father’s garage. Now, the golf course’s owners have vowed to start cleaning up what may be millions of golf balls in just one cove next to its scenic links.

The Pebble Beach Company, which owns the famous golf course, and is only one of the local golf courses responsible for the enormous number of balls in the ocean just off its shores, has posted signs to discourage the hitting of balls into the ocean. It has also agreed to conduct around 200 underwater clean ups per year for the next five years.

You can read more about the shocking number of golf balls and how they threaten the ocean environment in this story from KFGO Radio.



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