King Of The Reef


Unafraid of just about anything they come in contact with in their natural wreck and reef habitats, goliath groupers can weigh as much as 800 pounds and measure 6 or more feet in length. Scientists think they can live as long as 50 or even 100 years.

Protected from harvest in United States waters since 1990, populations of the behemoth fish have steadily grown to the point where it’s uncommon not to see one or more of these fish in their preferred habitats. But that may be about to change. This video has more.

The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering opening a limited season via a lottery drawing that would allow 100 fisherman to harvest one goliath grouper per year. Fishermen claim that the fish are eating their way through lobster, crab and fish populations at an unsustainable rate. Scientists say that overfishing is the reason for the decline in shellfish populations, not the goliath groupers. The FWC is currently hearing public comments on the matter.



The Swedish Job

Just like a scene out of the hit movie The Italian Job, bandits in Stockholm, Sweden, recently made off in a motorboat after a heist of epic proportions. They carried with them two priceless 17th-century royal crowns and an orb.

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VIDEO: Close Encounters Of The Finned Kind

Fin whale encounters are rare, so when a group of whale watchers off California had a juvenile fin whale swim up to their boat, practically mug for the camera, and then circle their inflatable boat, it made for some special footage. WATCH

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Cinemagraphs Capture The Beauty Of Ocean Waves

Many sailors are drawn to the sea by its natural beauty. Now, a photographer and cinematographer have teamed up to produce cinemagraphs, which allow you to view hypnotic moving images of the ocean from the comfort of your living room chair. WATCH


VIDEO: The Bay’s Tastiest Critter

Crab season opened earlier this month on Chesapeake Bay, and while recreational crabbers won’t hit the water for at least another month, commercial watermen are already busy rigging up and working their crab pots. This video shows how a professional waterman harvests these cantankerous but delicious crustaceans. WATCH


The Great Schooner Race

A fleet of nine windjammers got underway from Islesboro, Maine, on July 6 for the 42ndinstallment of the Great Schooner Race, one of the largest gatherings of traditional schooners in the United States. Soundings enjoyed racing action aboard the 95-foot Schooner Heritage, which took first place overall.