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Good joke goes bad

JULY 3 -- A Norwegian bachelor party went awry recently after friends of the husband-to-be left him floating in an icy fjord as a joke.

The 31-year-old man, from Trondheim, Norway, was picked up at his home by a group of friends and escorted onto a sailboat for what was supposed to be a pleasant ride, the Aftenposten newspaper reported. The men dressed the unsuspecting groom in a survival suit and, in the middle of the Trondheims Fjord, threw him overboard.

The men had apparently chartered a seaplane that was supposed to retrieve the groom from the water, the news report says. Choppy conditions, however, made it impossible for the plane to land.

When his friends aboard the sailboat lost sight of the groom, they decided to call for help, the report says. Two police boats, a helicopter and a special rescue vessel were launched to search for the man. Authorities found him after he spent about an hour floating in the water. Surrounded by rescuers, the man reportedly thought it was all a part of the joke.

Authorities expected to issue the groom’s best man a warning and a fine for the joke-gone-awry, the report says.

— Jason Fell