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Good Samaritan stumbles onto his own stolen boat

APRIL 17 — An Alabama man who was asked to help pull a boat trailer stuck on a highway discovered it was towing a boat that had been stolen from him more than a month earlier.

Denny Grisham was using a small excavating machine last Wednesday along Baldwin County 65 when he noticed some commotion on the road, Alabama’s Press-Register newspaper reported. The axle on a trailer towing a boat had apparently locked up, slowing up traffic.

“This boy asked me if I could use my excavator to get the boat off the road,” Grisham explains in the news report. “I get over there, and it’s my boat that’d been stolen six weeks ago. I found my own boat.” The pontoon boat had been stolen from Grisham’s construction company March 4, according to the report.

Grisham called local police about the stolen boat and waited for them to arrive at the scene, the report says. Authorities traced the boat to a Foley, Ala., man and arrested him at his home. The driver pulling the trailer wasn’t arrested.

Investigators recovered from the Foley man’s property two additional stolen boats and an outboard, the report says. The man reportedly was charged with first-degree theft of property, first-degree receiving stolen property, and obscuring the identification number of a boat.

— Jason Fell