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Google ‘mystery barge’ will be high-tech exhibition venue

Able-bodied seamen, decorative sails meant to evoke fish fins and dozens of security cameras will eventually make up the on-board complement of a mysterious four-story barge being built by Google.

Speculation over its intended use has run rampant in the region after Google confirmed it owned the barge.

The barge is actually a "technology exhibition space," that Google will move between several piers in the San Francisco Bay area and other West Coast locations during the next two years, according to a 36-page information packet submitted in August to the Port of San Francisco.

"We believe this curious and visually stunning structure will be a welcome addition to the waterfront; an experience unlike any other that celebrates community, local organizations and the history of San Francisco," reads the document, which lists the project as being spearheaded by By and Large LLC.

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