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Grandmother completes solo non-stop circumnavigation

She stranded in Acapulco, but was beset by rigging problems in Cape Town and knocked down near Cape Horn.

Jeanne Socrates, 70, endured her fair share of setbacks in her quest to sail around the world alone without any stops and outside assistance. But in the end, she persevered.

It was Monday at 2:26 a.m. Pacific time when Socrates and her 38-foot cutter Nereida ghosted across the finish line just outside the harbor of Victoria, British Columbia, to the blaring of air horns and hardy spectators applauding and waving glow sticks on the breakwater.

After nearly 260 days and more than 25,000 miles she had accomplished what she set out to do twice before. She is now the only woman to sail solo and non-stop around the five great capes and the only one who started and finished in a North American port.

“I’m a very happy person, on a definite high,” Socrates said at an impromptu press conference on her boat.

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