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Great Lakes Cruising Club expands online school

The Great Lakes Cruising Club School expanded its webinar curriculum for 2012-13. Boaters can choose from more than 40 webinar tutorials conducted by experienced club-accredited sail- or powerboating colleagues and industry specialists.

Live, real-time on-screen presentations with visual aids provide an opportunity for participants to interact with the instructor and each other in a virtual classroom. Sessions typically run 60-90 minutes, and only require a computer with speakers, browser and a reasonable-speed internet connection.

Feedback from past participants continues to be enthusiastic, endorsing the content and effectiveness of on-line learning, instructor qualifications, ease of interaction as well as the low cost.

This year's topics include introductions to several new subjects such as Solar Power, Safety for Cruising Couples, Using (and when not to use) Weather GRIBs, Fiberglass and Epoxy Repair, Radar-Assisted Navigation, and more, along with a newly-extended complement of Great Lakes cruising webinars and related tutorials such as marine weather, negotiating locks, boat and engine maintenance, energy management, provisioning, and refrigeration plus many more.

School webinars are open to all, whether a Great Lakes Cruising Club member or not.

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