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Greenpeace ship damages coral reef

NOV. 2 — Greenpeace will pay nearly $7,000 in damages after its 180-foot flagship, Rainbow Warrior II, hit a coral reef Monday in the southern Philippines.

The environmental group reportedly said it would pay the fine after the boat struck a reef, located at the Tubbataha National Marine Park southeast of Manila, news reports say. Park officials say113 square yards of the reef were damaged. Greenpeace officials say an inaccurate navigational chart indicated the boat should have still been nearly 1.5 miles from the reef when it ran aground.

“This accident could have been avoided if the chart was accurate,” Greenpeace’s Red Constantino says in a report.

The expedition was part of Greenpeace’s mission to Australia, China, the Philippines and Thailand to raise awareness about global warming. The grounding caused no serious damage to Rainbow Warrior II, reports say.

— Jason Fell