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Grounded Navy ship to be dismantled

The U.S. Navy said that the grounded mine-countermeasures ship USS Guardian will be dismantled.

The ship grounded Jan. 17 on Tabbataha Reef in the Philippines.

Examination has revealed that the 23-year-old vessel’s wooden hull is too severely damaged to allow the ship to be refloated. Efforts will be made to minimize further damage to the coral reef.

"Guardian is badly damaged and with the deteriorating integrity of the ship, the weight involved, and where it is grounded on the reef, dismantling in sections is the only supportable option," said Capt. Darryn James, U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman. "We have the right team of experienced professionals to conduct this complex operation and to ensure that it is done safely while minimizing damage to the surrounding marine environment."

Click here for the full report with a photo of the grounded ship.