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Group formed to improve powerboat safety

Four marine industry veterans have joined forces with one goal - to improve the safety of all aspects of powerboating. Tres Martin, Brad Schoenwald, Jacky McDaniel and Eric Colby have formed Powerboat Safety International, a not-for-profit organization that will work with boat manufacturers, engine builders, accessories makers and event organizers to make powerboating safer.

On its Web site, the group vows to:

"Establish and implement a set of self governing guidelines that allow marine events around the country to minimize risk and save lives. The 'Stay Safe' program is a not-for-profit, broad-based, collaborative industry initiative aimed at preserving and maintaining the privilege of marketing performance boating through marine events for each and every one that enjoys and prospers from these events. The goal is to bring together all components involved in executing and attending events for the single goal of safety awareness and demonstration of responsible behavior."