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Group honors water access advocacy

JAN. 23 — The deadline for BoatU.S.’s recreational access boating award  is Feb. 1.

The award honors an individual group, government body, business or non-profit organization, which preserves or improves public access to the water.

Judges will look at four criteria: the challenges faced in retaining or increasing access; the direct impact of the solution; the level of success in increasing awareness of the issue; and the ability to take the successful approach and adopt it in other areas.

Examples of solutions could include public/private partnerships, changes in land-use planning, tax incentives, legislation or public education. Eligible activities include those undertaken in the last three years.

Winners will be announced at Working Waterways and Waterfronts, a national symposium on water access to take place in Norfolk, Va., May 9 to 11.

— JoAnn W. Goddard