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Gulf fishing captain optimistic about season

An Alabama charterboat owner most everyone calls Capt. Bligh stood behind the wheel of his new fishing boat after a dawn ride across Perdido Bay. The sun was still coming up and his outboard motor was kicking out a white, v-shaped wake. Birds squawked from perches atop wooden pilings.

Despite all the worry and anger from the summer of oil, plus a pair of personal tragedies, life is pretty much back to the normal grind for Brent Shaver, who got his nickname for being tough on deckhands. Some days the fish are biting; some days it's a struggle just to get to sundown.

Like so many Gulf watermen, Shaver is trying to recover from a disastrous 2010 season when the oil started rolling in from BP's well more than 100 miles away off the coast of Louisiana.

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