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High-seas humor prompts investigation

AUG. 14 — It may have seemed funny at the time, but a commercial fisherman’s stab at black humor had the Canadian coast guard pondering a fatal shark attack.

When a shark was caught and hauled on the deck of a fishing boat out of Nova Scotia, someone on board had the idea to insert his artificial leg into the shark’s mouth, according the Halifax, Nova Scotia, newspaper, The Chronicle Herald.

While those aboard had a laugh, the crew of another fishing boat was under the impression the leg was real, and relayed a report to the coast guard, which dispatched a boat crew to make the seven-hour trip to the fishing boat.

Investigators said they were glad the report turned out to be a joke, but not after researching possible victims.

“That was the first time [we ’ve] had something so bizarre transpiring,” a coast guard investigator said.