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Holiday call for organized trailering

BoatUS released a message from professional angler and TV show host Mark Zona on launch ramp etiquette on the eve of Memorial Day weekend — the unofficial start of the boating season in the north:

“Memorial Day is coming up. It's a time to slow down and remember every soldier that has made a sacrifice, suffered death or a life changing injury so that goobers like me could run around covering bass tournaments and filming fishing shows. Two simple words: ‘Thank You.’

“But look, I'm convinced that if I ever stop filming fishing shows, I could show up on any boat ramp in America on Memorial Day weekend and film a best-selling blooper tape of people struggling on boat ramps.

“Look, do me a favor. Do us all a favor. Don't be ‘that guy.’ If you're reading this and you aren't absolutely confident that you'll be a thing of perfect efficiency when you get to the ramp this weekend — well, then — fix what needs fixing.”

Click here for the full message with tips on avoiding being “that guy.”