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Homeowners, boaters clash over secluded waters

A well-heeled Miami property investor who dabbles in local politics, Fred Karlton lives on the east bank of Miami Beach's idyllic Sunset Lake, a secluded section of Biscayne Bay. The quiet body of water is surrounded by some of South Florida's more lavish homes – such as Karlton's $6.8 million abode.

Thing is, while recent changes to state law have stripped local governments of their ability to regulate the navigation of waterways within their jurisdiction, homeowners on Sunset Lake make it clear that their waterfront backyards are not a Holiday Inn.

"I've been a boater for 35 years and I certainly understand what it is to want to camp out," Karlton said. "But there are lots of other places to do it than by sitting in peoples' backyards. There are times that literally it's a shantytown out here."

Karlton says boaters are invading his privacy and that they can see into his windows and sometimes try to come onto his property. His defense strategy — hip-hop music, played loud.

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