Spinning Ice Disk Mesmerizes Mainers

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A perfectly shaped spinning disk of ice in the Presumpscot River has captured the imagination not only of Westbrook, Maine, residents, but also of people around the world.

Measuring about 100 yards wide, the seemingly perfect circle of ice has been described as a “Frozen Crop Circle,” according to an article in the Portland Press Herald. Others interviewed by the newspaper think the ice carousel was left behind by aliens that landed on the river. 

Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below:

According to a Daily Mail article from 2009, ice disks “Occur at bends in the river where the accelerating water creates a force called 'rotational shear', which breaks off a chunk of ice and twists it around. As the disc rotates, it grinds against surrounding ice - smoothing into a perfect circle.” 



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