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Iceberg cluster largest in five years

The largest iceberg cluster seen in recent years is drifting south off Labrador near the Strait of Belle Isle through trans-Atlantic shipping routes, says the Canadian coast guard.

“The shipping that is going through there are reporting numerous bergs,” Peter Veber, Atlantic superintendent of ice operations, told The Canadian Press. “We have a ship operating up on the Labrador coast and likewise our own people are saying that they’re seeing more now than we’ve seen for years up there.”

Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of Canada.

In all, the coast guard reports that the numbers are three to four times what has been recorded in the last five years.

But Veber said there are about 250 icebergs within a 60 miles radius of Belle Isle off Labrador, but the icebergs are unusually far north this year.

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