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Iconic sportfishing brand up for sale

Dealers for Hatteras yachts were sitting on little inventory when parent company Brunswick Corp. recently announced it was seeking a buyer for the brand.

That’s according to Michael Myers, who is the second generation to represent Hatteras yachts at Boston Yacht Sales.

“Inventory levels in the field are pretty low right now because they moved to a model where we don’t have to carry inventory in stock,” Myers told Soundings. “I hope the new owners stay with that.”

This isn’t the first time the brand has changed hands in the four decades that Boston Yacht Sales has sold them.

“This is a corporate, strategic move,” Myers said. “Companies get bought and sold all the time.”

In the four decades that Boston Yacht Sales has sold Hatteras yachts, it has changed hands several times, Myers said.
Founded in 1965, the brand was sold to Rockwell International three years later, followed by AMF, Genmar and then Brunswick.

“There’s too much equity in that name for it to go away,” Myers said. “I think they’ve got a very strong management team in place and they’re going to have a new owner. Sure there will be some concern, and some caution, but for them it’s really business as usual.”

Myers has been pleased with the model Brunswick has implemented with Hatteras since it means less inventory for a high-end brand. When customers are spending that kind of money on a yacht, they don’t want to settle for what a dealer has on his floor, he said. They want what they want.

Brunswick “created a beautiful sales center” at Billfish Marina in Florida where clients could test a few different builds and decide what they wanted, Myers said.

“It’s wonderful that instead of having to focus on one boat I’m sitting on in January or February in the cold Northeast I can take a client in one day down to Florida,” Myers said. “So I’m very excited about the direction they’ve been going in.”