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Image Nav

Information About Image Nav

This design module allow you to manage a horizontal array of images on the top of your site, which offer links to specific areas. This is a handy way to offer featured "touchpoints" to key areas of your site, allowing users to bypass the traditional navigation. These images should be no larger than 70 pixels wide, and about 35 pixels high. Be sure to match the background color of these images to the background color on the top of the site (found within Design-Colors-Background color).

In this example About Acer, Products & Services, Support & Downloads and
Global Operations are being managed by Image Nav. These individual images
then link to various sections of the site (Can be either Audience Types, Sites or Core Pages
living within the main site.). Typically in this example, these links will bring up a new
site section, (Audience Type or Site), which will offer its own specific navigation.

Tips and Tricks

1.) This module assumes that your ordering sequence is from Left to Right. Meaning, if you assign order as one (01), it will appear on the far left, then 2, 3, 4, etc.
2.) This same functionality can be re-created in Flash...but using Image Nav allows faster load time, and dynamic control over these changing elements.
3.) These Image Navs can be use in addition to existing Site Navigation to provide increased functionality over what navigations are offered to site visitors.