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In tiny boat, angler man catches two giant tuna

Mike Mahoney of San Leandro, near Oakland, Calif., had one of the Pacific Coast’s most amazing days of fishing of the year last week.

From a 26-foot wooden panga, he landed two giant yellowfin tuna that weighed 249 and 235 pounds.

Mahoney and fishing partner, Craig Stone, hired “Captain Chami” and his 26-foot panga at San Jose Del Cabo near the southern tip of Baja. They ventured five miles offshore, looking for tuna.

Chami chummed live sardines for a few minutes, Stone said, and almost like throwing a switch, large tuna swirled and boiled around the boat in a feeding frenzy. Mahoney and Stone then used live sardines for bait and tossed them amid the feeding fish.

“Within five minutes, we both hooked up,” Stone said. “It was obvious right off that he had a big one on. It ran off and took hundreds of yards of line.” Mahoney held on for the ride of his life.

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