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Infamous Boat Listed for Sale


In 2005, tragedy struck when the 40-foot, glass-enclosed tour boat Ethan Allen capsized and sank on Lake George in New York, causing the death of 20 out of its 47 passengers. For 13 years, the infamous boat has been sitting outside of a marina in Ulster County, 115 miles away from Lake George, and has not seen the water since the accident. Now, it is being listed for sale by its owner, John Panzella, for $49,000.

Though some have criticized the owner’s decision to sell the boat, Panzella has defended his decision, telling News10 that he feels the boat is a piece of maritime history. He has replaced the engine and the heavy hard top, which he believes played a role in its capsizing, with a new aluminum one. The boat’s original name has also been painted over.

Panzella claims the boat is functional and safe, though he has not received any offers. When News10 asked Mayor Bob Blais of Lake George if he would like to see the boat return to the lake, he responded, “Personally, no.”



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