Introducing Candela Seven, Reportedly the World’s Longest-Range Electric Speedboat

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As the marine industry collectively explores green technologies to help protect our oceans, the Swedish company Candela has built what they claim is the world’s first hydrofoiling electric production boat. Candela Seven reduces drag by flying up to more than three feet above the service, thus providing an efficient ride with both speed and range.

Candela has been working to accelerate the transition to electric boating since 2014, when available electric boats were slow or had a limited range. By putting their boat on foils, they reduce the amount of energy required to power the 25-ft boat by 80%. The result is a fully electric craft that can travel 50 nm at 22 knots with a top speed of 30 knots.

By combining hydrofoils with electric propulsion, Candela Seven reduces emissions by 99% and is 95% cheaper to operate than a traditional vessel. Its foils cut through waves to make for a smooth ride, and the boat is designed to be extremely lightweight while still impact resistant, the hull and deck crafted entirely from carbon fiber.

The company has delivered 12 hulls so far to Sweden, Finland, Austria, the US and the British Virgin Islands with more on the way this summer. Learn more about these innovative boats here



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