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Investigators back nine-mile swim-to-shore story

Former NFL fullback Rob Konrad was not exaggerating when he said he was stranded in the ocean for 16 hours after falling overboard last month.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed Konrad's account of what happened after investigating the incident that occurred Jan. 7.

According to the review, which was obtained by theMiami Heraldon Wednesday, Konrad was "thrown overboard when a wave hit the side of the vessel.”

Konrad tried to swim back to his boat, but the boat was on autopilot and moving away from him at a rate of about 5 mph. At that point, Konrad decided that swimming west would be his best hope to reach land.

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In a related report, Konrad’s 30-foot center console continued on pilotless until running ashore on Grand Bahama island near an area called "Deadman's Reef" ... and sustained major damage in the process – about $70,000 in damages, according to a report by