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This module is where you actually create the Issue of your publication. (Example: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Annual). Simply give the date of this issue (Spring 2003, or May 2003) and if you can upload the cover image for the issue. The size of this cover image should be around 120 pixels high, and about 90 pixels wide (roughly). You will want to upload a .jpg or .gif for quick load time. If you can, applying a drop shadow to this cover image will make for a very nice look.

Issues is required as the frequency of archive may differ between publication or client. (Example: one publication may be weekly where another may be monthly.) The Issues module allows you to assign the period for each issue of each publication, giving your users rich search tools over your archived content.

Figure 1. This screenshot illustrates how Archives of your Issues can be offered to site visitors. When clicked on, all of the articles relative to that Issue will appear, in order of their Taxonomy Types.

Tips and Tricks:

1.) If a publication has issues extending back 10+ years, it might be a good idea to consider archiving 4-5 years worth. Very large archives will cause any request for current Issues/Articles to search ALL articles, causing delays in the retreival.

2.) If you have many issues in archive, the results will be offered to the user in a paginated format.

3.) You can name the Issue anything you want (Example: Volume 72, Issue 40, or September 2003, or Summer.) The issues themselves will be sorted based on their Start and End Dates (Most recent, decending).